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Hotel Investors


Ruiyee Hospitality strongly believes in building long-term strategic relationships with our potential partners based on trust, transparency and integrity. At Ruiyee Hospitality, we share a passion for offering quality authentic Swiss hospitality and services, and we strive to create valuable relationships through exciting opportunities globally.


At Ruiyee Hospitality, we partner with our strategic investors, together we build a platform embracing excellence, quality and results. The company takes these values to their finite understanding and they are built into the details of every of our services from the company’s operations and management to hotel brand building. As a hotel company with a formidable strength of values, we very much look forward to partnering with potential strategic hotel investors, whom are aligning with our values, in the delivering and honoring of the services and management values in each and every of our hotels developed together.



Every company brings with its unique set of DNA’s, Ruiyee Hospitality is no different to most of the world’s renown companies. BUT, at Ruiyee Hospitality, we bring along not merely our unique DNA’s, we are confident our DNA’s can sustain the noises found in the hospitality market. Our DNA’s are best represented by our eight core values:



  • Swiss’ brand reputation and value.
  • Internationally renowned hotel company of prestige, trust and experience.
  • Forerunner of the best practices, innovations and change in the hospitality industry.
  • Powerful global distribution and revenue management system through SWISS-REZ.
  • Innovative practices and initiatives in media, sales and marketing.
  • “Out of box” loyalty program.
  • Continuous support and services tailored to the needs.
  • Recommendations on maximizing reservation and revenue.
  • Worldwide professional training groups to deliver valuable training session with considerations of the needs and culture of each of the hotel localities.
  • Innovative hotel design and positioning solutions to accentuate the unique characteristics of each of the different sites and locations.